Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From crap to love it!

You know those awful ugly prints you find ALL the time at Goodwill or thrift stores? They're cheap and often come in just at impressively ugly frames. Well the next time you see one, buy it! Because this is what your going to do:

Pick a shape ( I chose a hexagon) 
and make a template on some sort of cardboard.
Don't think just geometric though. Anything! A silhouette, organic, solid, pattern. 
What ev. Make a template. 

Cut it out

Ta- da

Here's the ugle print and frame I found. 
Actually this frame wasn't too bad; 
thin, wood, and painted in a chippy gold

Remove the picture from the frame and
 trace your template on the back. 

Since I just chose one smallish shape I repeated it a whole bunch

Now cut all those out. 

And arrange them in a way that makes your heart happy

Reassemble it all back in the frame (making sure NOT to break the glass)

Clean it, get those pesky price tags off the corners, and hang it.

You love it right?
Now go find an ugly picture. 

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