Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What a Day

 Discomfort has been the word for the last 48, maybe 53, hours. Yesterday, we took the youth group to a King's Island. Gah. I am TOTALLY over amusement parks. There is nothing fun about a cement park full of foul sweaty people, over priced food and drinks, mindless games, and fake-front little shops designed to take your hard earned money for knick knacks.......... was that slightly bitter? Yes. I guess so. But the kids were great. So yes. Yesterday was all kinds of uncomfortable. To add to it, yesterday "my time" started and today I have been feeling the full effects. 

So after endless hours of sweaty heat yesterday, four hours of sleep last night, "my time", a DElightful day at work (heavy on the sarcasm), and a rove through the local Krogers for necessary necessities (ah hmm), I am now bingeing on bananas (for some reason I've been craving bananas) and watching a stack of chick flicks. In that stack is You've Got Mail which I am soaking up at this minute. Isn't Meg Ryan adorable in that movie?

I prefer to remember her as she look in this movie.
Sweet, fresh, un-fake, slightly tomboyish but still feminine.
"That caviar is a garnish!"

So I'm going to sit here and ignore my achy body and head and eat some more bananas. A good evening to you all. 

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