Sunday, March 16, 2014

Clean Eating.... reluctantly

Clean eating.
It's been hitting me from all sides recently.
In a good way.... of course.

I have a fellow blogger/ friend who has just begun (like in the last couple of months) to eat clean.
Another of the same has had 2 kids in 2 years and started to eat clean (and work out) and has regained a body that I think is BETTER than what it was before she had kids.
I have another friend who was brought up on clean eating and has actually begun to give classes on eating clean.
I have a mother-in-law who went to that class.
And yet another friend who is beginning to go so far as to raise some of her own animals for their products.
 I have a family with a history of being over weight and dealing with health issues that come from not eating well.

The clean eating movement is alive and well in my neck of the woods.

Honestly, my first reaction is skepticism.
Because I'm a butt.
And I tend towards being crappy like that.

I am also overwhelmed........ because I want to take care of Adam's body and mine as much as I can too.
And I would like to get a handle on it before I've got kids thrown in the mix.

I am married to a man who likes bowls of sugary cereal, Dr. P, lunch meat sandwiches, bread, chicken (nearly every night of the week).etc.
Plus I really like LOVE sugar, peanut butter, pasta, pre-made/convenience products, and getting as much for my $$ as I can when it comes to groceries.
Mr. Conner is a big eater and funds are limited.
And though I know we should eat to live, not live to eat..... I would still like to enjoy my food.

How on EARTH! do you get in on the goodness of clean eating without hating every meal, going bankrupt, and not spending hours making from scratch meals 3X a day?

So I googled it..... of course.

"How to begin eating clean?"

I found:
Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

These articles pretty much repeat each other but they all just listed the same simple (albeit not always easy) steps.
I think, at least for the next month for us I'll focus on:

  • reading packaged goods labels for ingredients: if you can't pronounce it, it's not clean
  • Making a meal plan including all my meals (I make a loose one for dinner options already but not for it all)
  • eating less refined sugar and grains (keyword: less)
  • eating more protein (I think I would eat less sugar and grain if I ate more protein.)
I think I can manage that. 
Do you have any experience or tips in this arena?
Grace? Tracey? I'm talking especially to you here :)

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  1. I like that you are doing this reluctantly. :-) First, I would say not to over-stress or overthink it. I have the mindset that I will do the best I can because I know how busy life can be. Especially when you're cooking for more than yourself. Food prepping is definitely going to be your best friend. I use the crock pot a lot! I make a lot of chicken, and lean ground beef in the crock pot. I usually throw in a bunch of veggies and have that ready to go for the next couple of days. Baking a lot of fish like tilapia is another easy thing to make that's really good for you. We eat a lot of fruit and plain nonfat greek yogurt in this house. And lot of peanut butter. :-) I also make a lot of smoothies with fruit, veggies, and chocolate whey protein. That's a really easy, healthy, quick meal or snack that you can put in the refrigerator are grab on the go. I could probably go on for days about all of this. But if you ever need any suggestions or quick tips, you know where to find me. ;-) Good luck, girl!