Friday, March 14, 2014

Carpet Cleaning---- feels so good!

Ok, we've lived in this house for about 4 years now.
And though the carpets were completely new when we moved in, they have NEVER been cleaned.
Ew because I know all the feet, all the shoes, all the dirty paws, all the projects, all the knocked over potted plants (3 to be exact), and all the spills that have happened on these floors.

It was high time some action was taken.

I picked a day the weather would be nice so the windows could be open and that I could spend the entire day getting it all done from beginning to end.

So I moved all the furniture,

vacuumed the space,

and put the cat outside.
Deal with it, Henry. 

Plan A was to use my dad's as-old-as-me-I'm-pretty-sure carpet cleaner 
(read: FREE!)
but big surprise- this 23ish year old carpet cleaner wasn't exactly all there.

Plan B: I hauled myself to DG to rent a rug doctor.
That's what I'm talking about.
And it was only $25 for 24 hours. Not too bad.

For the cleaning power I used carpet cleaning shampoo with 
5-10 drops of OnGaurd added to 3 gallons of water.
It smelled wonderful and hopefully gave the boot to any nasties
hanging out in our carpets.

After 3 hours and covering every carpet in the house, I could start moving things back into place. 

Even with fans and open windows, the floor was still wet/damp the rest of the day.
But it was so satisfying every time I could dump a bucket of dirty water down the toilet and out of my house.

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