Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I want to be a housewife.
Like really bad.
I've never really looked at any other "career" option and been like "That's what I want to do!"
I've only ever had that reaction to being a homemaker.

One of the most fulfilling things in my life so far has been being a wife to my husband.
Sure, I really want to be a mom one day, but being a wife is a HUGE thing.
...and a privilege.
Not everyone gets to be married but I do.
And I don't take that enormous blessing lightly.

It feels like I've talked a lot lately about how ready I am to be out of school.
And I am.
Looking back, though God has used school to test and deepen my faith in Him, it has always seemed like a drain.
Just something I have to grit though.

But being a housewife is definitely a desire of my heart.
I recently heard a story from my sister-in-law about a friend of hers who was a housewife married to a marine without children.
When she was asked why she didn't even have a part time job her answer was simple.
By being home full time she was able to schedule her time around her husband's unpredictable work schedule.
If he was at work over night and needed her to bring him something, she could go at 2 in the morning, spend some time with him and not worry about having to wake up the next morning for "work".
She could help her husband anyway he needed.
Plus she had time to home make lots of things from food to cleaning products and volunteer at church.
It's not about doing it ALL.
It's about seeing what's most important to you and doing THAT.

I got a tiny taste of what it would be like to be home more last fall when I took time away from school.
And I loved it.
I didn't get bored, I made so many things, I had more time and energy to help Adam with the youth group, I developed some of my home organizational skills, and I just felt so much more peaceful than I've been this entire semester.

So as we pray and seek God's will in the coming season of our life, I'm just continuing to asked God to supply me daily with the patience and grace and perseverance to make it to the next part of His plan for our life.

I'm also praying that He would protect us from our own (read: my) wills and that we would only seek His.

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