Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Other than church of course, our only Easter tradition is spending time with our families. 
It's the only holiday where we try to get to both sets in one day. 
This Easter was no different and I'd like to think the time with both was good quality. 

First we went to my parent's house. 

My mom made traditional food like ham and a 
pot roast, potatoes, deviled eggs (my fav), green beans,....
She made a lot and insisted on making it all herself. 
Thanks mom! 

Then we all headed out for an egg hunt. 

Reach, Elli!

This was Addie's first year participating. 
It was good she had her mama's help

It was such a nice day and felt so good to be in the sun. 

We couldn't help but plop down and soak it up.

Then the adults (at least the young adults) had a hunt.

I may have been more distracted with
 getting a "good' shot than actually doing any hunting.

After my parents house we headed over to Adam's parent's to spend time with them, a couple high schoolers we invited along, and some friends who weren't going to be able to spend time with their family.

There we ate fajitas and took naps.

And I didn't take any pictures.


I hope you had a happy Easter and that you are alive in Christ.

If not, you know it's not too late. :)

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