Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Teeny Reveal

Yesterday I mentioned I had a minor thing to tell and this is it:

We're driving to Texas next week.... a week from today to be exact.

It all started when Adam's Grandpa (Mike, who lives in Texas) really started to go downhill as far as his health is concerned. So Adam's mom (Monique) flew down there this past Monday to be with him for as long as it took. Adam's dad and sister (Chris and Ally) planned to drive down on the 23rd and invited us to come. They would be staying in a beach house near where we stayed last year and would be there a little over a week.

Long story short, we said yes.
There are mixed feelings because this trip is for a very sad reason in soon losing Monique's dad. At the same time, we didn't know if we would be able to do any kind of time off this year and time away from the norm, but this is kind of forcing us to...... and it's on the yea, we lucked out there.

I'm just thanking God for the unforeseen time away and
for His hand in the remainder of Mike's days here.

Let the planning and packing commence.

(Meg, if you still ever read this: we need to meet up!!!!)


  1. You're coming to Texas?!?!?! Oh we have to get together! I heard a rumor that you may be coming down and that made me think of you and check on your blog :)I have been offline for almost a 2 months and just popping on here and there.

    It's almst 2am here and hubby just woke up, I have to go to bed but just wanted to say "Hi!" and I would love to see you all!

  2. Ha! Yea I figured you would have been offline! Sweet. Yea I can't believe we're going to Texas but it just worked out and we majorly need a break from life so here we come :) we'll have to get everyone together. Yay! so fun :)

  3. Out of state breaks always seem to refresh and renew, even if the circumstances are not always easy and sometimes painful. How long will you be down here for? Feel free to text or email me! I thought I had your email but I couldn't find it so I don't know if you have mine. It's and my phone # is 979-248-3979. I know, putting you phone number online like this is dumb, so I may just delete this comment later :)
    And hey, I'll see you soon!