Thursday, June 12, 2014

Haitian Beans + Rice

I've had the privilege of being able to go on 2 short term mission trips to Haiti.
The first time I went I was 13 years old and then I got to go again 5 years later when I was 18. 

Maybe sometime I'll go into more on what that was like but right now I want to note my two favorite foods from Haiti: the plantains and the beans + rice.

Plantains (smallish bananas) are so sweet and yummy its like eating candy. 

The beans and rice though are what I wanted to recreate so badly though I could taste it. ;)
Everyone everywhere there eats this classic combo. 
The school where I served fed this to their students (and us) every day for lunch. 
It's cheap, nutritous, and delicious!
Especially the when you get some of the crispy burnt bits. 

I came across this recipe on My Haitian Kitchen and made it for dinner last night.

To make it more husband satisfying, I added some cooked shredded chicken. 

 Ahh! I was SO happy to find and make this dish. 
It really did taste like my memory of the simple dish I had in Haiti.

So go make it and tell me what you think!
Is there an ingredient that surprises you?

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