Monday, June 16, 2014

Pillow Copy

I saw this super cute pillow...

... and I knew I could totally make it myself.

Here's what I did:

I used....

-a pillow I had 
-masking tape
- a pencil
- a black sharpie

First I taped off where I wanted my text to be. 
This keeps everything straight and the same size. 

I softly free handed the words so they would be faint 
(and maybe not so noticeable in case of a mistake)


I went back over them and made them bolder. 

Next step: I made general markings for the twigs 
and things bordering my welcoming words. 

Last of all, the leaves. 

And there you go.
Easy as you please.

The original: $38 + tax
Mine: Fa-reeeeeee!


  1. I just love your casual / cool eclectic style! Your simple and beautiful projects inspire me!

  2. SOOO Kensie!!! Love IT!!!