Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Warning!: This Will Be a Gush Post

Because I love to "gush" about my husband.
I've kept pretty up to date with all the fostering stuff but I think I've neglected one of the most important factors to us becoming foster parents: my husband.

Next week (Thursday to be exact) will be our 5th anniversary.
That seems major to me.
5 years! Woot!

We always figured something along the lines of adoption would be in our future together.
When Adam felt God telling him it was time to move on that expectation and make the future present, he did not hesitate.
He came home, we had a talk, prayed for a good month or so, and started gathering information.
He led the way.
God led him, and he led me.

He's just cool like that.

I don't need to say that Adam isn't perfect. No one is.
But he is truly the perfect one for me.

Not only does he attack the mountain of dishes in the sink before he goes to work when I've been up with a baby since 4 am, but he also kisses me twice before heading out the door.
He easily falls in love with students who need someone to give them the time of day.
He is a seemingly endless well of patience and goodwill for those who need it.

He laughs just as easily at himself as a good joke.
He is kind. He is joyful. He's peaceful.
I wish I had half the self control he's got. (Good thing I've got him to keep me in line.)

All I'm attempting to say is that I've got the best one.
I don't know how I managed to win God's favor like this, but He has truly blessed me.
This world is full of weak, selfish men and I am blessed to be loved by the strongest, most loving man I've ever met.

So I warned you.
You've read at your own risk :)
I respect and love my husband not because he's a good man, but because is a man of God.
He makes makes my job pretty easy.

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  1. When you where very little we prayed for your future mate, a man of God that would love you, help you grow in Him, protect you, honor and cherish you.This is why when Adam ask your Dad and I, 5 years ago,( when you where only 18) if he could marry you, we had to say YES. We knew Adam was the man to answer these prayers. We love you both and we are so proud of the way you are allowing God to use you and lead others to Christ. Happy 5th Anniversary Adam and Kensie