Monday, January 7, 2013

Jeans and a T it is


This is a clothes post.

I tend to dress with thought.
As in I NEVER just throw on an old T shirt and bad fitting jeans.
That's not comfortable to me.
That being said, my taste in clothing and the way I dress isn't always to Adam's taste.

For instance, a few weeks ago we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
When we left he said "I like the way the waitresses in there dress."
DO NOT misunderstand him.
He was not eyeing any waitresses.
He was saying that he pretty much just likes jeans and a T shirt.

Yup. Jeans and a T shirt is what makes my sweet husband happy.

Soooo...... for the week I'm going to have some fun and dress Adam-style.
I'm going to dress for him and that means jeans and a T.

Ha! I'm already having a tough time sticking to it.

I'll let you know how it goes and Adam's response.


  1. Just had to post and say I have been trying to do the same thing! Or, was, until I got pregnant and am limited again to pregnancy clothes.

    I love girly clothing and dresses and assumed that's what my future husband would like to, but not Daniel!Going on a nice date to me means putting on makeup and a pretty dress, but he would be much more thrilled to see me in some jeans and a tshirt with minimal makeup!

    It took me a while before I really believed him that he preferred me with less.. way less makeup than I was used to. And that he honestly thinks I look cuter in "average clothes" but he does and it is refreshing!

    I still like to wear girly clothes too of course, but I really am glad he doesn't need "impressive" clothes to think I look impressive! In fact, no clothes are even more impressive! haha! :) OK ... I'm done now.... :)

    1. I know isn't it crazy? Men! ;) well, at least our men. It just cracked me up when he said that about the girls at Texas Roadhouse. I was like really? That's all? hahaa