Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Tip For Free

Just a really quick post today!
I wanted to share a tip that I think I came up with on my very own..... but maybe you already do it.

Everyone (including myself) makes lists to remember everything they need/want to get done.
Duh. Yes. This is not the tip. Of course you do this.

BUT.... some days I'll make a list of everything I've already done that day.
I know right?!
Major morale booster I tell ya.

Usually I'll do this when I feel unmotivated or like I'm not getting as much accomplished as I wanted to.
Sometimes my list can be really full of obviously needed stuff like cleaning or grocery shopping.
Sometimes they're full of things like I took a shower, sorted out junk mail, took a needed nap.....

I just did this a little bit ago when I knew my little one's nap was almost up and I felt like I had wasted my "down time".

Here's what I accomplished during her nap:

  • caught up on a few bible study lessons
  • ate (very necessary)
  • cleared up my email account (organized, deleted unnecessary messages)
  • a bit of pinterest
  • vaccumed (just a quickie)
I'd say that's an hour and a half well spent.

So yea.
Take account of your day or hour or whatever.
Make a backwards list and sleep a little better tonight when you see how you clearly DID NOT waste your time.

Or ha! maybe you did.
In that case try a regular list tomorrow :)

1 comment:

  1. lol... I love it! Lists are just my favorite anyway, so the longer the better :) And things like eating and going through emails are very necessary and list worthy.... trust me. I currently have 5,026 emails... (!)