Sunday, January 6, 2013

Two slices of cutie pie, please.

I got to watch my two youngest nieces today ( I had to think about that for a sec to make sure that's accurate).
Ellie (3 yrs.) and Addie (6 mos.) joined me for a day of playing, making play dough, taking a nap or 2 and eating several PB&J sandwiches.

Ellie looked through my Where's Waldo book.
She was actually really good at finding him.

There he is!

We made play dough using this recipe.
(recipe #2)

We watched Brave while the dough cooled

She's 3. 
I think she played with it for all of 5 minutes. 

O well. 
I got some cute pictures while it lasted. 

And another moment with Addie.
She makes some of the funniest faces.

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