Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Things and Books

Like usual, all that's going on lately is life stuff.

The weekly and daily routines chug on making it all function.
There are friendships, prayers, songs, dishes washed, clothes ruined by bleach (including beloved T shirts), walls painted, babies kissed, a softball game, misunderstandings, late nights, shared meals, differences overcome,......

You know.

The usual.

Aunt Ally feeding the little birds cookies.... before dinner I might add. 

Getting too big. 
The other night I held a baby who was the exact age Peanut was when we brought her home. 
It was unreal that Peanut could have ever really been so teeny and shmooshy.

Adam and I really enjoy Matt Chandler's clear, biblical, straight to the root style of preaching.
I saw that he had written this book and thought it would be good for a kind of tune up for us. 
Adam knew I really wanted it for us and brought home a 
copy from our friend's book shop the other day.  
I've only read the intro so far.
It's promising. 

Also, on a lighter note, I just finished the Divergent series. 
I love getting wrapped up in long story but it's always kind of sad when it's all over. 
I'm glad to have Mr. Chandler's book to focus on. 

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