Monday, April 27, 2015

A Home Week

Adam took all last week off from work.
Since we are heading towards buying our first house, we didn't have any extra money to spend on a trip so we made it an awesome staycation.

I kicked it off by volunteering at a kids clothing swap at a local church.
I know, I know.
I volunteered on our week off?
Yes because by volunteering to help the thing happen I got to have first pick at a TON of FREE stuff for our kids.
I was even able to get a couple bags of clothing for a friend of mine who is due in July.

The swap was awesome and I was totally impressed.
If someone donated something child related, they were given a ticket to come back and take anything once it was all organized.
It ran so smoothly, was organized but not micro managed, it helped the whole community, and everything was completely free!

And I even made a friend.

It's mushroom season around here. 
We found exactly one mushroom in our yard. 

 Adam and I used the extra time this week to jump on house hunting.

 The first 5 we saw were just major disappointments.
They all either needed MAJOR work, were in really bad locations, or were simply too small for a (hopefully) growing family.

We did see one more house that our realtor found on  Saturday.
It has a lot more potential and looks like something we could invest in.  

No vacation is complete without a round or two of golf. 
So Adam made sure to get out a couple times. 

His parents watched the girls for us one night while we dated it up. 
Nothing fancy. 
Just time together without any carseats to buckle or bottles to make. 
Can't really beat that.

 On Thursday, we went to the zoo.

Sweetums checking out (and being checked out) by a young orangutan.

 It was super fun and super exhausting. :)
But it was just a little chilly and a weekday so we almost had the park to ourselves.
And since it was cool, the animals were pretty active.

It was so nice to take this breather and spend a good chunk of downtime with each other.
Adam is such a hard, dedicated worker.
It was good to see him slow down.

Looking ahead to May, I was surprised to see that each and every Saturday already has something happening.
From weddings to birthdays to many church events, the month will pass quickly into graduation party season.

Ha! Oy vey.
Can we have another week please?

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