Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hack Job

A fact of most homes nowadays is that somewhere you've probably got an ugly router, modem, or other sort of internet device hanging out for the whole world (or at least house) to see.

We did too......

 I've been wanting to hide the ugly for a while now and finally a light-bulb went off.

 These plain white photo boxes have been sitting around with nothing better to do than to be turned into the perfect camouflage.
Stacked, they were tall enough to house the modem and router.
They're just thin card board which is easy enough to cut through with a box cutter.
Plus if I mess up or just need more for storage elsewhere, they are cheap and easy to get.

 So with a rough plan in mind I literally started hacking away and ended up with this situation....

What would be the bottom box is cut out on top and in the back. 
The top box is cut out on the bottom and in the back. 

And I just stacked them of course with the cutouts roughly lining up and 
with enough room in the back for cords and things to feed out. 
A little bit of double sided tape keeps them from sliding around and getting janky.

Here it is with everything in place.


This solution is perfectly functional and is easy to pull off if we need to do anything with the router or modem.

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  1. Wonderful organizers have caught my eyes!:) I like these cute pieces of art very much! I'll try preparing the same!