Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Spring is for watercolors

There's no medium that says spring like watercolor.
The lightness and transparency is what the season is made of.

I treated myself to a big piece of expensive paper the other day to stretch my dormant skills and do some experimental dabbling.

Give me all the neutrals.

A hair dryer speeds up the process...

This was a smaller, side experiment.
Once in college, our design professor had us create a grid of shapes
and each one had to be different. 
This was a good little exercise to loosen up with. 
I think these look like the tops of cappuccinos from a fancy shop. 

While pulling out my paints, I came across what was left of a tablet of water color paper.
I knew the girls would love to make something of their own.

I've always really loved watercolors. 
They can be complicated but if you just keep it simple, you can end up with something really beautiful. 

One more perk of water color: it's a snap to set up and clean up.


  1. I love those wide benches in your kitchen! Where'd you get them?

    1. Thanks, June. My dad made them. I'll pass along the compliment