Friday, April 24, 2015

Green Hair

A month or two ago we were still in the doldrums of winter and I was just really wanting to DO something.
Make a nice, fun change to something for the sake of changing something.

I came across this picture.....

...and was like, YES!
Loved it!

The entire head was a bit too much for me but I thought just doing my underlayer would be perfect.
So it's been a few weeks, but here's what my hair looks like today...

Can you see it?

It's subtle and by now a bit washed out, but I love it. 
I need to do a refresher. 

 I used this stuff....

It is just a semi permanent dye that my 14 year old niece helped me find at Hot Topic :)

So yea.
I have semi secret green hair.
Sometimes it makes me feel like a mermaid.
Sometimes it makes me feel like the loch ness monster.
Either way, I'm pretty sure it'll be around for a while :)

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