Monday, April 20, 2015

Staycation Time!

This week, we're having a STAYCATION!!!!!!!!!!

Adam tries to take at least one whole week off a year.
Of course there are random days and weekends through the year he'll take off too.

For this week though, like I said: staycation.
We'll be staying home but making a point of going on fun day trips, grilling out, Adam getting out to golf a couple of times, extra togetherness time, and hopefully beginning our house search.
There will definitely be a date night, too.

I headed to Aldi today and stocked up on good grilling food, snacks, and fun treats.

I was all geared up and organised with both babes packed up and ready for the event.
When I got half way to Aldi, I started looking around for a quarter for the cart, and I could not find A SINGLE ONE.
I found exactly two nickels and three pennies in various crevices.
So after trying to hijack a cart with my keys and failing, I had to beg a quarter off a nice gentleman who parked next to me.
He blessed me with a quarter and a smile.

Now our week is off to a great start with our fridge fully stocked and a week's work of days sprawling out ahead of us.

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