Monday, April 13, 2015

A Series of Recent Events....and also projects

The other night I got the bug to get to Walmart and buy some pretty things. 
I came home with a bunch of plants, pansies, a new welcome mat, and 3 cans of spray paint. 
All totally necessary unnecessaries. 

I repainted the big pot there. 
It was a drab greeny color. 
I hated the shade from the start but just never got around to changing it....
til now. 

Then these lovely plants got put in. 

I need to buy one more big showy flower to put towards the back of the pot. 
Hopefully, these plants will grow and overflow. 

My Aunt got married on Saturday. 
It was such a happy wedding. 
We ended it with blue cotton candy. 
Sweetums was over the moon!

Monday started bright then got stormy and wet.
After a quick run to the grocery store before the downpour, we spent the day watching Looney Tunes, baking muffins, playing with blocks, and taking naps.

I love Looney Tunes. 
My dad always mimicked Buggs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. 
It was awesome to watch some of the old episodes I'd seen a million times. 

Super Sweetums.

Baby peanut getting bigger and bigger. 

On national sibling day, my sister and I both posted this photo of us. 
My sister, Kristen, is the baby. 
That's our mom in the corner.
I'm loving her stripey shirt. 

I was pretty motivated to tackle some projects last week.

My dad let me have a plank of wood which I turned into one of 
those giant rulers to measure heights against.  
I've made one as a gift a few years ago and knew I wanted one for myself. 

Another day, I turned on Hoarders and decluttered here and there. 
Our game stash hardly gets touched so I got rid of ones we just would never play. 
I also downsized the packaging of the ones we would play from boxes to ziplock bags. 

Last of all, a friend was cleaning out toys from their garage and gave us this little cozy coup car for Sweetums.

I loved the idea of redoing it. .
I painted it the same blue as my large flower pot and took the top off.

Now it's this little car that Sweetums is obsessed with. 

All these things are good and pretty.
It's nice having images of the highlight reel.

A lot is definitely happening under the surface though.
Big decisions will be made in May about the future of the girls.
My heart is racing out ahead of me everytime I let my guard down.

We are still working on possibly buying a house.
We want to make sure we're being wise and doing it for the right reasons and goals in mind.
We want to be doing it for His glory, not our own.
Yet life is keeping us so busy it's hard to make time (and energy) to do what needs done on that front.

We're working on meeting the requirements for renewing our fostering license which must be done every year.

I've become very intentional about what I say yes to and pour myself into.
I recently withdrew from an event I said I would decorate for.
I was just feeling my mind and heart being pulled in too many directions and knew I wouldn't do the job as good as I wanted.

So yea.
It's not all pretty or easy or simple or quick.
It's mostly messy and hard and complicated and slow.
So slow.
But the good parts makes it all so very good. 

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