Monday, May 11, 2015

Such a Happy Birthday

Friday was little Sweetums' 2nd birthday.
Oh that little girl.
I can't believe she's 2.

Thursday night we had a small group of our family over for dinner and cake. 

I didn't do any kind of theme. 
We're pretty low key in these parts so I had a family friend make a simple strawberry cake, hung some white crepe paper and multi color fabric garlands, and blew up some balloons.
I put some little party hats on some toy animals and put those animals on top of her little white cake. 
A 2 year old's birthday party :D

The next day (her actual birthday) some cousins and friends came over for a brunch-y playdate. 
Smoothies, bubbles, and new sunglasses rounded out phase two of this sweet little girl's birthday.

What can I say about this sweet, spunky, sparkley, cherished girl?
I have been thinking about it a lot. 
She came into our lives like a ray of sunshine over a cliff. 
We wanted her so bad. 
She opened up a whole new world to us.
From her first quick, whispered "hi,hi,hi", I wanted to be this child's mama for as long as I could.

My favorite things about her:
-Her friendliness. Everyone in the grocery store gets a "Hi!" from her. 
- her sweet, soft smell
- the way she says "Up!..... pees?" and also "o ma gosh"
- that she has always loved her sister
- her chubby thighs and tiny feet
- the big, pretty eyes her birth mother gave her

...........and sooooo many other tiny, huge things.  

The Lord knows what her/our future holds. 
But I will always cherish the little child who made me a mama. 

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