Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cut Free

Oh, Blog, you are very low on my priority list :(
I've let posts go few and far between. 
There is so much going on though!

I can't wait to spill all the beans very, very soon.
But not yet. 

With full days come blessing but also sometimes stress. 
Adam is awesome and saw my mounting stress the other day. 
He stayed with the girls for the afternoon and cut me free to do whatever sounded good. 

So I jumped on the opportunity to check some things off my list plus some mindless wandering looking at pretty things.

First stop: I dropped some kids stuff off at Once Upon a Child hoping for some cash to blow. 

While they looked through my stuff, I headed to a car wash next door to vacuum out my car.

As weird as it sounds I LOVE getting to vacuum out my car. 
Having a clean car..... ahhh. 
It just does it for me :)

With that done, I picked up my cash from Once and headed to Hobby Lobby to roam and buy a few little birthday presents for my niece. 
She'll be turning 3 this weekend!

I just really love this verse. 
I may have to go back and buy this. 
Or DIY it. 
We'll see.

Next I hit up Lowes.
Mainly just to look around and daydream about house-y stuff. 
Let that be a hint at things to come.

I found these curtains a while back and I think they are the knees of bees. 

Pretty, huh?

They may or may not be the curtains for our future, possible, probable living room and dining room.

Adam decided to find a last minute babysitter (thanks, Ally!), met me for a Pennway Station sandwich and to catch the new Avengers movie. 

I love those babies but it was good to get out on my own and with my favorite person (aka my huzby) with no time limit. :)

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