Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our Happy Place

Home has always been my favorite place.
Growing up, I was a homebody who preferred movies in the living room on a friday night rather than going out to every sports event or party.
In my adult life, I have continued to have that tendency towards introversion.
I recharge at home, not when I'm surrounded by people.

I've joked though with my husband that since becoming a full time housewife and mom that I'm the most social I've ever been in my life
For the past year, I've jumped at invitations to events, meetings for coffee with friends, playdates, and any reason really to get out of my house.
But, still being an introvert, this has left me coming up short.
Though I've sought after these reasons to get out of the house, they end up translating as feelings of go!go!go!
I end up feeling depleted.
Yet on days I'm at home all day with the girls, I feel a restlessness to fill up our day and find things to DO.
So in essence, I keep up to go!go!go! pace in my mind and heart even within my own four walls.

As a mom, this leaves me restless, anxious, and unable to enjoy my moments with the girls.
As a wife, this leaves me wanting Adam to meet my need to talk and take more than his share of the (foster) parenting burden.
As a Christian, this lifestyle leaves me distracted, depleted, and ineffective.

This is an issue and one that God is addressing in my heart.
It's not ok to be continuously striving and filling up our days to simply fill them up.

Leviticus 23:32 says, "It will be a Sabbath of complete rest for you, and you must practice self-denial"

This verse strikes a chord in me on my issue of go!go!go!
When it is simply time to be at home, tending only my home and my children, I can become very discontent.
Which seems like ridiculousness because being at home was the very thing I wanted to do for so long.
But a human heart is never satisfied.
At least not outside of Christ.

This verse is challenging me to deny my selfish appetite for "more" and to simply rest in Him and whatever He has given me for the day.
It's only then that I will find complete satisfaction.
I'll find it in Him and all the beautiful, precious, soon-to-vanish blessings of today.
He is eternal: my satisfaction, rest, and joy is rooted in Him.
The blessings of today aren't eternal: I need to appreciate what I already have for the time I have it.
Not spend these precious moments chasing after calendar-filling distractions.

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