Friday, May 22, 2015

Where Does A Year Go?

Today is a big day in our home and hearts.

A whole year ago today, Adam and I drove to the Department of Child Services office to pick up our first placement.
A little 12 month old girl coming from another foster home.
That's literally all we knew about her.

After getting her few belongings from her former foster mom, we went to sign our license and wait for our little girl's visit to end.

When the door finally cracked open and the caseworker walked in holding our tiny little stranger, I truly was immediately in love.
Sweetums was her roundy, little self wearing a pink top, khaki shorts, and pink tennis shoes.
Her eyes were round and blue with long lashes that flicked out to the sides.
Her hair was dark sand and thick though still baby short.

She clung to her caseworker in shyness yet still obviously curious.
Sweetums peeked at us and eventually would whisper "hi,hi,hi" real quick.
After a few moments of introductions and a short get-to-know-you time, they let us sweep her up and put her in our car, and take her to our home.

Driving home, I just kept looking in my rearview mirror, in complete disbelief.
Is this real life?

When we got home and brought our girl and her things inside, everything just kind of started to flow.
We walked her around our home, showing her where she was.
We sent a picture to our family members but asked for some space for a day or two while we all adjusted.

That first month was the hardest.
More for us than for Sweetums I think.
Life was all of a sudden the most challenging and the most fulfilling ever.
As time went, we all grew more at home with each other and got the hang of things.

And here we are.

A whole year later.
She calls me momma and she calls him Pop.
We like to cuddle in bed in the morning and after her naps.
She sings and loves to wrestle with her sister (who joined our family in October).
She is joyful and curious and smart and concerned and ticklish and kind and naughty and obedient and not so much and constant and resilient.

She is precious.
She is loved.
She belongs to God.

Our first morning with Sweetums. 
Oh, those chubby thighs...


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