Monday, November 18, 2013

Superbowl 2013

This past weekend we took our youth group to an all night youth even In Indianapolis.
Have you ever heard of or been to a lock-in?
You know, one of those events where sane adults elect to stay up ALL NIGHT with students playing dodge ball, painting nails, eating pizza at 3 am, and then playing dodgeball AGAIN at 5 am?
Well that's pretty much what we did this weekend. 
Except this lock-in was more of a lock-out and we joined many other youth groups in Indy for a Pacers game, rally, sharing of the Word, games, and bowling. 

We all met at the church at 4 pm Friday 
evening to collect permission slips and load up.

Like I said the night started with a Pacers game.

Altogether, 31 students were in our group. 

Then we had something like a rally where everyone 
played group games in the stands and got prizes.

We also had time in the Word and the gospel was shared.
These 2 sweet girls and a couple of our other students accepted Christ 
and what He did for them. 
Isn't that awesome!?
That's what all this is for!
So we could go home and go to bed now right?
......Yea right. 

At midnight, the night was just getting started!

We went to a sports complex where everyone ate pizza, 
played basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, lazer-tag, 
climbed through a jungle gym, and painted nails til 2:30.
Then we went bowling where there were singing and dancing contests for prizes.

Our girls (led by Mikayla) managed to stock 5 bowling balls one on top of the other.

By 5:30 am most of us, not all, but most of us looked like this. 
So it was time to drive home. 

Adam and I were snug in bed by 9 am.
Some of our students still had to go to work that day and other responsibilities to manage.
But so many students came to know Christ that night and that really is what any event we do is for.
So it's all worth it.

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  1. I didn't even know you took that picture of me! I was passed ~lizzy