Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chair of Cheer

My parents watched our little one last night.
When we picked her up, they brought up a little rocking chair my dad had built for me for my second Christmas.
They wanted me to have it. (tear) I know right?!

So sweet and I really did want to tear up and cry a little bit.

Very sweet and very awesome.
It only has one little somewhat of a "flaw":

My little sister's handiwork when she was about 2 or 3. 
I know, what are sister's for right but for using permanent marker on all your toys?
(don't worry-I got back at her and permanently 
"borrowed" all of her clothes when we were teens)

So I can't decide if now that I'm older and a bit more sentimental if I should leave my little chair just as it is or get creative and maybe rework it.

If I do repaint it or something, here's some pictures of what I'm thinking....

Decoupaged.... this is probably my least favorite idea yet one I'm still drawn to. 
I like the option of lotsa patterns. 

This one....

....and this one are my favs. 
Black or cherry red with some sort of folksy motif. 
I don't think I would get tired of this like I think I would if I just covered the thing in pattern.

What's your favorite?
Keep my sister's "artwork", decoupage on pattern, or solid with a folksy motif?
(Of course I would keep my parent's note under the seat untouched. It's precious.... and I don't use that word often :)

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  1. Whatever you decide...I know you will love watching your little ones rock their baby dolls and themselves while they "read" their favorite stories books over and over. We so loved this when you where little!!