Monday, June 23, 2014

1 Month

As of yesterday, we've been foster parents for a whole month to our little sweetums.

It has been interesting, it has been awesome, it has been challenging, it has been adorable.

Some things have changed for sure such as:

  • I usually always have my colorful, nesting set of tupperware bowls strewn across our kitchen floor
  • 9:30 was both Adam's and my bedtime last night
  • I'm pretty much always awake by 6, weather or not she's screaming to get out of her crib
  • If I do sleep through the night, I guiltily wonder if I slept through a baby melt down
  • My arms are getting pretty toned from carrying her (that's pretty sweet)
  • before having a kid in the house, there was never enough time in the day to nap. Now there's no way I'm going without a nap (while she's naps of course)
  • My camera has to be cleared out weekly from all the pictures we take now
  • I have a nice little script of responses to all the baby questions that get asked in rotation: Is she a good sleeper? Is she a good eater? How old is she? Do you know how long you're going to have her? What happened to her?........Sure/no, sure/no, 13 months, no clue, none of your beeswax :)


So, good stuff here. 

Can I get serious here for a second because that's what I do?
I was thinking and praying about it all (the entire fostering thing) this morning after dropping her off for a visit. 
And what I kept coming to was how much we have needed God this month and how faithfully He has supplied EVERYTHING we need. Absolutely everything.  
To get any of this done with love and kindness and wisdom and patience and gentleness and self control, He has to be very very near. 
And He is. 
I feel like we are sitting in His lap. . 
He has prepared us for this little one and is giving her foster parents all they need to love her the way God wants her to be loved. 

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  1. She is a precious gift to all of us for just a little while...I have to keep reminding myself...Love Memaw Cindy