Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fostering update: The paperwork

We've moved on from the courses for getting our foster care license and are now tackling some of the paperwork that comes with this adventure.

The largest chunk of this packet is for our homestudy.
In this portion we'll answer questions on our own upbringing to our personalities to our financial state and everything in between.

When we get this packet filled out (or at least mostly filled out), our family specialist will come to our house for an interview and home inspection.

I used to be really nervous about this portion but God has given me peace.
Our intentions are pure and our home is meant to be used and changed.
It's all in His hands.

I've heard from the people we listed as references that they have also received the paperwork for that.
I assume they'll be asked questions like what their view is of us and do we seem capable of this task.
We are so thankful for helping us like this.
Paperwork is rarely fun and their sacrifice is so appreciated.

So that's it so far.
I'll keep this little space updated :)

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