Monday, September 2, 2013

And They're Off....

Bryar and Ally are on their way to New York at this very moment.
They left yesterday afternoon.
As I suspected, it was a hard but hopeful goodbye.

Of course we spent as much time with them as we could this weekend.

Watching movies, talking,


and helping them pack.

I've got to say that Ally is unique woman when it comes to packing and preparation of any kind.
The night before they were leaving, the packing began.
I "helped" by sitting on her bed and watching her stuff the contents of her dresser and closet into a box.
Shoes got their own box and medicines went into a cooler.
That's it.
That is the extent of her personal packing before moving 13 hours away.
Like I said, she is unique :)
She certainly didn't need my help.

Since they don't really know exactly where they'll be living once they get there or how long it will take before they're assigned housing,  Bryar's dad is going to bring anything they couldn't stuff into their jeep to them when they find out.

Saying goodbye is a hard piece of life.
Usually there is so much unknown.
I think it could be easy to look at it as some kind of suffering.
But it's more like a happy hardship of life.
It's difficult to go through, but it's just a way that life goes on.
We'll miss Bryar and Ally both so much but we know we'll see them soon. 

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