Monday, February 18, 2013

On the other side

We made it through another weekend.
And a unique weekend too. 
Adam planned a high school youth 
retreat that went from last night til this evening. 
We started out at the church and hung out til everyone had made it.  

Then we headed over to Adam's parent's house for dinner and the first of 3 Talks.

 Adam's sister Ally gave her awesome testimony
and I must say things got a little misty from my point of view.
Then the guys headed to our house
and the girls stayed at Conner parent's house for the night.

Sleep over!

I think some of the girls were up til 4. am. Holy. Cow. 

Max.... what a dork.

Then the next morning we headed back to church for breakfast and talk #2

Then for some reason I put my camera down and forgot to take any more pics.
After lunch there was a some free time,one more talk,and then bowling til 6:30.
I missed most of the afternoon because I had a couple classes.
Adam said it was fun though.

We ended the day here for a homework date at the Java. 
Disregard the fact that my laptop screen is all pinterest-y. 
I did homework for all the 3 hours before that.
Scouts honor. 

It's been a good couple of days.
I'm always challenged and blessed by youth events.
Sometimes I'm just grumpy and not as loving as I should be.
I just want to crawl into my introvert shell and sit quietly.
But God pulls me out (sometimes by the hair) and says to serve....
even if I don't "feel like it".
And in the end I'm always blessed and humbled.

Thank you, God, for the teens you bring.
And thank you, God, for a husband
who has a sincere heart for the lost and needy.

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