Friday, February 15, 2013

Brain Freeze

taking a mental break right now.
Well.... at least from making my mind think about stuff I don't want to think about for a few minutes.
Because my brain's starting to rove.
I'll just let it rove for a bit then get back on track.

I have been a major procrastinator this week on home work.
It mainly started because I was cruising right along on getting homework finished and turned in when all of a sudden I had a technical snag in my online course.
Long story short- because I could not figure out the correct combo of buttons and places to go, I had to miss out on an assignment for my sanity's sake.
And dealing with all that put other important assignments on the back burner.
Since I cut that one loose though, I'm spending the afternoon getting back on track and I'm finding myself enjoying it.

I think i forget that I like to think.
And I like to write (hence a blog).
I think that TV makes me forget that I like to think.

One thing I would love to do is move our TV out of our big main room and into the side room.
Adam would not be down with that though (at least right now in this house) so that won't happen.
I think it could happen in another house with a room that is more like a secondary living area than an overstuffed spare bedroom.
Which is what we have now.
We'll see.

I watch too much TV.

O well.

Some things in the near future:
I'm working at the coffee shop tonight and tomorrow afternoon.
We're doing a youth retreat in town this weekend for our youth groupies (bring your friends!)
Adam is swamped with homework and planning for the retreat.
My sister is turning 21 next week and I want to figure out something really awesome to get for her.
I'm beginning to plan decor for a ladies retreat that'll be happening Mother's Day weekend.

Ok, back to work.

Have a great one.
May God be blessed by your day

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