Saturday, April 5, 2014

Updating My Wardrobe

In January I changed my too full, too many options, to much stuff wardrobe over to a capsule wardrobe.
Google it. You may get inspired like I did. :)

I want to keep life as simple as possible where I can and doing this little thing once every few months or so simplifies not only my actual closet but how I shop and how I spend money. 
I used to shop for clothes as a hobby (at Goodwills mostly) but that is an awful way to spend such a limited resource. 
So doing this little project has really overhauled my materialism and my ideas of what I can and cannot live without. 

Of course I still pick up an item or two here and there, but I always have to get rid of another item first. 
Lots of times there's not anything that I would rather get rid of for the sake of this new item I'm thinking of buying. 
9 times out of 10, that item that I didn't love enough goes back on the rack and I leave the store without any regrets. 

Now that it's April it's time to change out all my winter clothing for my spring/summer clothing. 

Here's how I do this capsule wardrobe thing:
(Some people show you the outfits of their wardrobe, I'm just going to show you my process for changing my wardrobe out)
I'm pretty flexible but I try to keep my items limited to 30 pieces.
This includes my extras like T-shirts and extra layering pieces, especially while the weather is still chilly. 

As the weather gets warmer I'll swap those layers out for another dress or some shorts that I've got stored away. 

This is the pile of clothing I've been wearing all winter 
that won't transition with me into warmer months. 
I pull out anything that has become too worn or anything I'm completely over.
Everything else will get cleaned, folded, and stored in that silver bin. 

These are pieces I stored away for warmer weather. 
I go through these and pull out pieces that I want to wear for the season. 
Again, anything I see that doesn't fit right, is too worn, or that i'm over gets tossed. 

By the end, I've got one small bin of all the clothing I'm storing, 
one bin of clothing I'm consigning or donating, 
and one spacious closet with all the clothing I'll wear for the next few months.  

My limit was 30 pieces, but I came in at 29.

Those 29 pieces are:
6 (nice) T-shirts
7 blouses
7 pairs of pants
4 dresses
3 cardigans
2 skirts

Like I said, I'm really liking this way of dealing with my clothing.
It was much easier this time around than when I started from square one in January.
I'm itching to do it for Adam's wardrobe, but he's shown no interest and I don't want to push it on him.
I do plan to do something like this for any kids who come into our house.
When space is limited, this kind of minimalism and order is essential.

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