Thursday, April 3, 2014

You Pin, I Pin, We All Pin

It's no secret that I love pinterest.
I've even had to ground myself from it because I cannot get enough of it. 
People are so creative and resourceful, it's great to have a place to share and collect all those awesome ideas. 
Here are some of my favorite recent pins. 

Isn't this walrus softie adorable?
I'll be getting on making this for sure. 

Having our small group here at our house has been so nice and it would be 
great to have coffee mugs up for easy grabs. 
Plus you can display a collection this way. 

Here I posted about beginning to practice a capsule wardrobe. 
I've stuck with it all winter and have loved it. 
Now it's nearly time to trade out cold weather clothes for warm.
This article I came across has some great tips for organization that 
gave me a fresh motivation for changing it all out. 

Along the same track, this family intentionally chooses small spaces to live in
so of course they've got some creative ideas for making 
that work for a family of many.  

Isn't this piece wonderful?
What says spring like a whimsical barn surrounded by plants?
Love it. 


Ahhh these look amazing.
Maybe a soon-to-be youth group treat.

This article is about what normal people around the world eat on a normal day. 
From an Alaskan hunter to a hindu priest to a model to a sumo wrestler.... 
very interesting. 

Lately I've been loving tassels and 
pom poms and all kinds of little embellishments.
These diy leather tassels would be a sweet way to embellish my keys.

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