Monday, January 27, 2014

Capsule Wardrobe

Last week I completed a HUGE project.
It was huge for me anyways.

I've been inspired for a while by the idea of a capsule wardrobe.
The idea is to have only a few pieces of the best quality you can afford.
Each piece should speak to your personal style and simplify the daily necessity to dress yourself.
It does not include things like coats, special events wear, accessories, underclothes, layering T-shirts, or shoes.

So after gathering much inspiration and coaching mainly from the Daily Connoisseur and other various sites online, I took the plunge.

Last Thursday, I dedicated the greater part of the day to pulling out every item in my closets (2 very small, very stuffed closets) and creating a capsule wardrobe for myself.

My first step was to pick two words that defined my general style, what I felt the most beautiful and comfortable in.
I chose classic bohemian: classics with bohemian touches.
Anything that didn't match up to those two words was immediately put in a pile for consignment.

Of course, things got harder when I got to items that I had emotional ties with or felt bad because I had just bought it but it wasn't really what I wanted.
Knowing I could probably get some money for anything I tossed made it easier to weed out pieces that I kept out of guilt.

So from there, I divided what was left into two seasonal piles: cool weather and warm weather

Since it is currently winter (a very bitter one at that) I concentrated on being my own stylist and making a look for myself from the clothes left in my cool weather pile.
In the end I had 30 pieces:
  • 5 pairs of pants
  • 2 skirts
  • 14 tops (including layering T's)
  • 3 dresses
  • 6 sweaters/cardigans
My choices take me from home to work (where I have to wear all black) to church to youth group to nights outs.....
Everything I need to wear for the life I lead is in this wardrobe.

Once again, I sorted through everything that was left in my cold weather pile and was ruthless in ridding it of what I did not absolutely love and/or need. 
Whatever made the cut to stay, I put into storage to later replace items I wear out in my current capsule wardrobe. 
Another aspect of this system is that it forces you to wear your clothing until it is used up, THEN replace it. 
I will not be buying unnecessary items anymore and wasting money/space on them.  

Finally I went through my warm weather pile and consigned anything I didn't love/need.
I'll create a warm weather capsule wardrobe when the time comes. 
All of my sorting and purging had left me pretty worn out for the day. 

I am excited to start practicing this method for lots of reasons:
  •  it will force me to be more thoughtful about the way I spend money and what I spend it on.
  •  I won't use shopping as a pastime anymore-why would I want to undo all the work I just did?
  • getting ready for the day will be completely simplified. I have casual and dressy options, all of which are my best, so I will always look clean and put together with minimal effort.
  • We have little closets in this house and now my clothes hang with ample space! It makes me happy to see "spacious", organized closets.
  • Hopefully I'll earn some extra money from all of those clothes I just purged and put on consignment :)

Tiny closet but everything has space now!

It just makes me happy everytime I open up my closet.

Have you thought about this or tried this before?

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