Tuesday, January 28, 2014

30 Day Yoga Challenge

I started this 30 day yoga challenge through Youtube 30 days ago.....
Can you guess what that means?
That means the challenge is over and I did everyday of it! (minus one sick day and one lazy day)

I am ridiculous about letting apathy get the best of me and giving up.
But I really REALLY wanted to do this.
And I still want to keep doing it.

In the beginning, I would just pull the videos up on youtube and I didn't even have a mat.
I promised myself that if I did it everyday for that first week, I would invest in a mat.
After one week of still going strong, I got my mat and it's become a motivational tool.
I keep it rolled up in our living room where I can see it.

I like that I don't really need much equipment.
Just a mat and an old canvas belt for stretching.
Usually I would just stay in my pajamas, put my hair up and be ready to roll.

And just the fact that I finished that challenge makes me feel so good.
As a plus, I think I'm a little more bendy and a little more toned than I was at first.
I don't know but I'm in the habit now so that's definitely something.

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