Monday, May 9, 2016

Birthday Baby

Our oldest baby had her third birthday this weekend. 
We celebrated on Saturday from dawn til dusk with sugar, family, and balloons.

Our big, little girl is growing so well!
She can be SOOOOO sassy but she serves it up with a spoonful of sugar and sloppy, wet kisses.
She wants to do so much herself and is quick to be a helper.
She loves running around the church, wearing dresses, riding her new tricycle, and trying to buckle her own seat belt.
Her Meemaw and Mamaw are a couple of her best friends.
She uses the potty all on her own.
Her favorite shoes are flip flops and boots.
She can't wait to go swimming with Uncle Anson, Aunt Rachel, and all the kids in June.
She's our snuggle bunny.

Our Sweetums is so loved and we pray that she will abide with Christ all the days of her life.

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