Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cleaning the Bathroom

Oh it was getting time.
You know those nice, organized plans for keeping your house on a cleaning routine so nothing goes too long without a good cleaning?
Well..... despite best intentions...... that doesn't really happen around here.
Especially in the bathroom.

So yes it was high, HIGH, time for a good deep cleaning in the bathroom.

All the nitty gritty was going on.

Soap gunk, too many items without homes, over flowing trash can, ring around the tub, empty product containers just hanging out, toothpaste splatters on all sides, and with hair as long as mine you better believe there were some tumble weeds forming in the corners.

Surely your bathroom has never reached these conditions.

Mine does too often though.
I might do some wipe ups and stashing when I know people will be over.
Otherwise, this space doesn't see enough elbow grease.

So let's get down to it.

I sprayed all the needy surfaces like the tub, toilet, and sink with cleaner so it could all soak.
My main objective though was to totally clean out the vanity.
While the rest soaked, I pulled everything out of the cabinets and drawers.

I vacuumed up dust and hair as I went then wiped it all down.

Everything that came out got sorted.
The picture above is of what made it back into the cabinet (minus the trash can, plus unpictured towels)

By the time organizing was done, everything else had soaked long enough to make wiping it all down easy.
I threw the rugs into the dryer to remove grit and give them a fluff.
The ceiling and crannies got brushed and/or vacuumed.

And now....

That's so much better.

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