Monday, March 9, 2015

What's Really in My Bag

After a too busy week, I'm feeling it in our over stuffed diaper bag. 
We need a clean out, like, now. 

You don't get more real life than that mess.
My camera didn't pick up on the numerous crumbs that also tumbled forth though.

What you're seeing is:
-a sippy cup (containing spoiled milk from the day before)
-formula container
-2 (crusty) bibs
-baby booties
-1 borrowed onsie
-doterra mini travel case
-my favorite sheer lipstick
-tiny bear
-teething toy
-small hair kit
-various business cards + Dr.appointment reminders
-tissue pack
-sanitizing wipes
-cough drops
-hand sanitizer
-Burt's Bees lip balm
-On Guard roll on
-snack container
-baby spoon
-paci + 2 clips
-bottle cap
-random small fabric bag
-ID card
- and of course, diapers + wipes

That was too much too be lugging around!
So I cleaned house...... er..... bag, I mean.

 Here's what we're left with:
-sanitizing wipes and gel
-doterra oils (in case + roll on)
-teething toy
-small bear
- formula container
- fabric bag (to hold paci)
- favorite lip balm + lispstick
- hair kit
- pen
-ID tag

I would add before leaving the house a bottle for Peanut, sippy for Sweetums, and usually a folder that holds document for the girls + coupons/ gift cards.

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