Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Time Is Here Again!

Is it really spring already!?
The last week or so has had a handful of really lovely, sunny days.
There's been a lot of out door playtime, open windows, walks, a bon fire, and I even got to wear sandals once!
So nice.

I was pulling into my driveway today and noticed the beginning of buds on our largest tree and bright green grass sprouting up from the bare soil.
Over a week ago we "sprung forward" and turned our clocks an hour ahead for the beginning of daylight savings time (a very weird thing I think).

With the changes in the air, there are also changes within.

Peanut is 8 months old now and cutting teeth like a mad woman. 
She's gnawing on anything she can.
She's also able to hold her own bottle now.
That is so handy when I need to be doing something else!
But I still try to make time to feed her myself here and there to get a good cuddle in.  
Plus she's eating table foods like a champ. 
She's not very picky but I'm sure she'll develop some more opinions as we go. 
Also, little baby Peanut can crawl! 
She'll come cruising around the corner and it still surprises me every time that we're already here.

Sweetums got her first haircut the other day!
It has been in that baby mullet style for a bit so it was just time to trim it and make it all one length. 
I also gave her some fringe in the front. 
Wish I could show you her sweet little face!
Singing has become all the rage for Sweetums, too. 
One day a few days ago, she pretty much woke up singing and hasn't taken much of a break. 
We think it's adorable of course. 

As for Adam and I, we are just barely beginning to think of buying a house this spring/early summer. 
Maybe I've already mentioned that on this space here before (can't remember) but we are still in the thinking process. 
Well, thinking/saving.
Though I really am trying to be content, I really hope it happens too. 
It would be fun and nice of course but it would be really awesome to be able to invest in a place and not be renting it anymore. 
We'll see. 
It's a hard thing to do for the first time.  

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