Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life Dump

Not in that life is a dump, but more like I've been neglecting my blog and it's time to dump what life has been looking life lately into it.

So here goes nothing.

I've only seen her pull herself all the way up once, but Peanut is able to hold on to something and stand!
I'm like "stay little!" but at the same time "let's get walkin' baby!"

Last week was the last week for the church basketball league.
It's always fun to watch Adam play but it'll be nice to have another night of the week open up.

On Friday, we decided on a whim to take the girls to the Indianapolis children's museum.

Adam and Sweetums checking out the giant water clock. 
Adam's pretty sure there's no way it could really work.

We headed pretty quickly to the toddler baby area and it was awesome!
It was so fun and well-planned.

There was a water area with a water fall, 

a music room, 

a huge sand table, an art area, a wind tunnel/tube thing, 
giant building blocks, a baby "nest" that was all padded 
and had baby toys, and a few other play areas. 

Plus there were family restrooms around nearly every corner.

Last we hit up the merry-go round on the top level. 

It was a super fun day.
I can't wait to go back :)

Saturday night, we met up at a friend's house to have a reunion for all the girls who went on the Atlanta camp/mission trip last summer. 
Not everyone could make it of course but a good group was able to meet and catch up. 

Yesterday, I had some alone time and thought I might stop by Goodwill to start looking for some summer clothes for Sweetums.
Soon after I got there one of the employees brought out this super sweet rocking horse for $5....

I was like "SOLD!"
It has a saddle that's missing from the picture. 
It was in the wash at the time. 

Sweetums was pretty stoked to say the least. 
$5 well spent. 

So obviously life has been pretty full and fun.

We (as in Adam and I) have been having conversations about the rhythm of our family and trying to figure out what it really is exactly & what it could/should be.
Adam has both office hours during the day and the usual ministry opportunities in the evenings, plus any pop up needs that may come up.
We are also both involved in leading a small group and the music ministry for our church.
Add kids and wanting to support some sort of family time and you've got yourself quite a bit to balance.
I know this is something every family has to deal with.

Ministry can feel like a 24/7 thing but it does come with some flexibility.
So we are just trying to have an ongoing conversation about how to balance our time to meet the needs of the good things in our life and do it in a way that puts God first.

Maybe you have some tips on living a life that honors God and balances all the priorities.
If you do please share! :)
We are always open to wisdom.

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