Sunday, April 1, 2012

Furniture redone!

I have been super restless lately. Since we can't move  I just rearranged our house. I also made a day long project of refinishing a dresser. I found this dresser on the side of the road about 5 years ago. It's the perfect size and shape. When I first got it, for some reason I painted it this awful reddish brown. Yuck. But I refinished it to make it a piece for our kitchen.

You see. Poop brown. egh.

First coat of primer.

First coat of white paint. I used a latex semi-gloss.

Oh, here are the drawers. 

Everything's dry so I began putting in the hardware and sliding in the drawers.
These drawers have a problem with sticking so I used some 
petroleum jelly to help them slide more easily. 
Worked like a charm.

I added a paper towel holder and......

a long towel bar. I'll be adding S-hooks for more hanging storage.

Here it is, all nice and finished and placed. 

Adam and I finished the day with a cookout at our church. 

It was a good, productive, busy day. And I'm a little less restless.

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  1. Gorgeous re-do Kensie! White is a fantastic improvement! :D
    Thanks for linking up to the Dare to DIY challenge, feel free to pop over for today's link-up "Bold Design"!