Monday, July 23, 2012

Pool day + a new friend

I had a another summer swim day with my mom, sister, and her two daughters. Forgive the pictures, I only had my phone with me. It was good times. I've been doin' some major work on my tan (read: skin cancer) this year. Getting pretty brown over here. The girls were so much fun today. The oldest is 11. Her name is Taylor.  She's goofy yet can be introspective and thoughtful. The younger one is 4 and her name is Lucy. She's got a really good vocabulary and notices things I never thought to look for. She too is quite the goof. 

Lucy is a fearless jumper. I am just a fearless baker.

The house where we went to swim has a dog that's part wolf hound. She's creepy looking but a total sweetie. Her name is Camie. And she likes to swim.....with a little encouragement.
So Camie had a pool day too. :)

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