Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm playing hookie....... for the entire semester

Back in April I decided I wasn't going to take classes this fall. Well the time has come and the 2012 fall semester is starting today........ and I'm not there. Holy cow. This feels good.

Every fall for nearly the past 20 years fall has always only meant the end of summer and the beginning to a long school year to just get done with. But this time around, it means something totally different for me. It means watching summer dissolve into fall without balancing 20 projects. It means no guilt for not spending my entire evening staring at a textbook. It means coming up with my own pace once the summer pace has moved on. It means new events and activities without the shadow of deadlines.

Though I know I'll be returning to it all as early as the spring semester, I am SO thankful that God has provided this season of refreshment. I am going to take full advantage of it.

I still question my decision sometimes. Am I just being lazy? Am I wasting my time, our time, by extending my schooling like this? Should I just push on and keep going immediately?

Regardless of my doubts, I'm sticking to my decision. And I'm so happy I am. School will still be there and I think absence will make my heart grow fonder for it again (at least I hope it will). Yay for a school-less fall for me.

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