Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yard Sale

My mom's neighborhood organized a yard sale for this weekend. I jumped in and helped put on a sale with my mom and sister, Kristen. 

Bright and early and busy!
This was the road at 8 am and it looked like this til about 11.

Junk to be had

Mom's looking optimistic 

Do you hear the ocean, Kristen?

I looked around at some of the other sales (defeating the purpose, I know) 
and found a ginkgo tree sapling, 

a Schwinn bike for $10 bucks,

and grabbed some of my mom's old jewelry. 

We did really well today. My parents neighborhood is kind of out in the country and doesn't usually do well when it comes to yard sales. But this time Mom made about $100 and Kris & I each made about $50. Plus I got a ton of junk out of our spare room. That is very cool beans. 

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