Monday, November 12, 2012


Today was the most-wonderful-man-ever's 26th birthday. Fun fact: it was also his Dad's  birthday.
It was a pretty low key birthday for my Mr. Conner, as he likes it.

I hung a simple happy birthday banner in Adam's office at church

The morning of he got to open a couple little gifts I got for him

Henry had fun playing with the wrappings

We got lunch at Penn Station, Adam's favorite fast food

Then we headed downtown to catch a matinee of Wreckit Ralph.
Adam and I both love animated movies (especially by Pixar)
The kids in our town had the day off for Veteran's Day.
We forgot that so the theater was just full of kids.
It was funny to hear all their responses while watching the movie.

That night we met up with the rest of his family 
to celebrate both of the guys birthdays together.
All of the kids were with us so we just went to Red Robin-
 It's always so loud in there no one's disturbed by our own noisemakers.

We ended the day with a stop at Barnes and Noble
 (plus the included Starbucks shop)

 He had a good relaxed birthday. He doesn't much like parties so this is how most of his birthdays look.
This Saturday, the guys are coming over for a day long poker party.
That's as party guy as my guy gets.

I love Adam.
I have never met any one who makes me feel like he does.
Adam is kind, thoughtful, strong, steady, a speaker of truth, goofy, ornery sometimes..... so much describes him.
How wonderful is he.
Ok I'm done here.
Time to go kiss my birthday man.

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