Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Changing aesthetic

Over the last few months I've noticed my aesthetic, or what I find visually pleasing, has been changing. 
I think it kinda started when I realized that our home was pretty girly even though a man lived here. 
A lot of white, a lot of cutsy knic knacks, rainbow colored everything....
I decided I didn't really like that.
So in response, I've just been drawn to a more earthy, dark, and natural style. 

I also noticed this change affected the way I dress too but right now I'm focusing on more house-y pictures I've collected for inspiration.

Big windows, open rafters,  mixed textures, darkness and light

Lots of neutrals and a mix of fabric, wood, and metals.
Lotsa light!

I LOVE this picture. The super high contarst between the black and white,
the natural wood floor for warmth,
minimal extras, 
and, again, a huge bright window for maximum natural light.

Again, the bold contrast and an warm, earthy rug

I'm avoiding using the word "cozy" because I want to use these elements, but I want to make them appropriate for all seasons. "Cozy" isn't always the most attractive feeling in the summer when it's hot and humid outside. I want our home to have the feel of these pics, but the ability to adapt to changing temperatures.

Also, I want to live on a mountain. In a house with HUGE windows and no neighbors....... and perhaps a room or two with wood paneling :)

Right now though,I guess I'll have to be content with collecting flannel sheets and cast iron pots. 

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