Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clean and comfy

I saw that today was supposed to be cold and wet so I decided not to get a job for today. Instead it was a deep cleaning day.

We're still waging war on the lessening number of fleas on kitty. By the way, we are definitely winning. But because there are still one or two left (and I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about fleas thanks to Google search) I am paranoid about those survivors reproducing and taking over the house. So I've been concentrating on vacuuming and mopping all the floors, washing all the towels used after bathing kitty, and cleaning out the vacuum cleaner.

Plus we have the usual laundry mess and dusting that needs to happen.

Oh, a little free tip from me: remember to open your windows every once in awhile. Even when it's cold (actually especially in the winter) the fresh air naturally deodorizes and removes nasties from your home's air. Even if they're just open for a short amount of time, it will amaze you at how clean everything feels afterwards.

Snuggled up after another bath. 

Things have been accomplished in the Conner household today and that makes me happy.

I can't wait til kitty is totally flea free. He's been quarantined in the bathroom since we got him but I really want him toddling around with us. Soon, I hope.

(oh I just realized we've had him a full week....... and he still has no name. Agh. I'm so indecisive)

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