Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hold your horses

I am putting my foot down on myself.
I want to decorate for Christmas sooooo bad.
But I'm refusing to deck any hall before Thanksgiving.

So instead I'm just preparing for a jingle bell blowout.

Of course today I'm also prepping for Thanksgiving. I've been charged with the tasks of bringing 2 huge pans of stuffing to church tomorrow and the sweet potato casserole I always make to Anson and Rachel's on Friday. So I need to gather things for those.

How about a heart prep moment too? Yes, yes I think so.

Thankful for:

Christ and His love
Our marriage
Our families
The youth group
Our church
little Henry
Our home
Beautiful weather today
All the little objects and things that add comfort to our lives
Hardships that make me & Adam who God intends us to become

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