Saturday, December 29, 2012

Conner Christmas

We all had Christmas at Chris and Monique's house last night.
It was just as crazy as usual and so much fun!

 Some highlights:

Monique got all the "big boys" (Adam, Anson, and Bryar) hulk fists.
They look pretty fierce on Cy though.
Yes, I said fierce.

Not only did I get this giant fork from Monique (!), I also got 
a large 31 utility tote and fleece pullover from Rachel and some gifts cards. 
(isn't that fork awesome? I love it :)

This is the painting I did for Bryar. 
I was his secret santa and this is all he wanted:
A starry night inspired Darth Vader painting.
Bahaha never done something like this before :)
He loved it.

Got some cuddle time with my favorite Heath.

And there was more snow during the night, too.

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