Friday, December 7, 2012

Home is a soft spot.

I am so glad to be home right now.
It's finally evening at the end of my workweek.
Adam and I are TOTALLY vegging.

He got a head start on me today by finally taking a day off to chill and rest at home by himself.

Adam is such a hard worker.
He works and works and works.
Youth group, music ministry, sports ministry, the full load of classes he's taking online....
That is one busy man.

He pushes himself to do it all and actually enjoys it but eventually his body gives him the no-go.
Though I wish it wouldn't get to that point, I'm happy it does that for him.
Goodness knows I can't.
So he'll finally slow down enough to realize how exhausted he is.

I spent my day in a 2nd grade class.
I bet I answered 979 questions,
2 tired scholars were in tears by the end of the day,
And I learned how to play the spelling game Sparkle.
It was a good day but a tiring one.

I'm thankful to have a home where we can both recharge our batteries.

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